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General Information


Receivership in Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. Denari Capital LLC et al, Case No. 3:19-cv-07284-EMC


General Information

This is the website of Receiver, Kathy Bazoian Phelps, appointed in CFTC v. Denari Capital, LLC, et. al, Case No. 3:19-cv-07284-EMC. On November 5, 2019, the CFTC filed a Complaint (Doc. No. 1) against Denari Capital LLC, Travis Capson, and Arnab Sarkar (the “Receivership Defendants”). On December 4, 2019, the Court entered the Consent Order for Preliminary Injunction and Other Ancillary Relief Against Defendants (Doc. No. 37) which, among other things, appointed Ms. Phelps as the temporary receiver with full powers of an equity receiver for the Receivership Defendants and their affiliates and subsidiaries. The Receiver has the full powers of equity receiver over all of the funds, properties, premises, accounts, and income of the Receivership Defendants, and other assets directly or indirectly owned, beneficially or otherwise, by the Receivership Defendants, except as explicitly excluded in the Consent Order.

The purpose of this website is to provide convenient access to information about the receivership, including status reports from the Receiver, copies of pleadings filed in the case, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The website will be updated periodically, and all creditors, investors and parties in interest are encouraged to check the website for updates. If you require further information not contained in this website, you may Contact Us.


Recent Updates

February 18, 2020

On February 6, 2020, the Court entered its Amended Order Granting Administrative Motion by Receive Pursuant to Local Civil Rule 7-11 For Entry of Order: (1) Establishing Claims Bar Date; (2) Approving Form and Manner of Notice; (3) Approving Proof of Claim Form and Summary Procedures; and (4) Establishing the Net Investment Methodology for Claims. The Court set April 6, 2020 as the Claims Bar Date. All claimants are to submit a Proof of Claim form to the Receiver no later than April 6, 2020 or their claims will be forever barred.


Court Filings

Please click on the following links to view copies of:

            The Receiver’s Reports

            Court-Filed Documents

            Notice of Bar Date and Proof of Claim Form 


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