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Speeches & Publications

Complex & High Stakes Litigation

Mediation in Bankruptcy
November 9, 2004
New York County Lawyers Association, Continuing Legal Education Institute, New York, New York

Lien Creation and Lien Perfection: What's the Difference?
July 2003
The Bankruptcy Strategist
By: Lon J. Seidman

Rethinking Terminated Leases: How Bankruptcy Courts Keep Them Alive
February 2002
The Bankruptcy Strategist

Overcoming the Constitutional Invalidity of Section 106(a)
June 2000
The Bankruptcy Strategist

Covenants Not To Compete: A Texas Odyssey
Spring 1996
Texas Business Law Journal (Spring 1996)

Liability for Third-Party-Provided Litigation Services
August 1995
The Bankruptcy Strategist

How to Protect Licensees of Intellectual Property
January 1995
The Bankruptcy Strategist

Deft Use of Consolidation Doctrine Avoids Taxes
December 1993
The Bankruptcy Strategist


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