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American Bankruptcy Institute Webinar Series "Administration of a Mega Ponzi Scheme Case: Receivership v. Bankruptcy"

November 8, 2016

Kathy Bazoian Phelps, will be the Moderator for the upcoming ABI Live Webinar Series: "Administration of a Mega Ponzi Scheme Case: Receivership v. Bankruptcy".  The webinar is 75 minutes long and is free to attend, however, CLE credit may be added for $25.  Ponzi scheme cases almost always have a hard landing in either a bankruptcy or receivership proceeding. Depending on which administrative filter is imposed on a Ponzi scheme case, the rights of the fiduciary administering the case as well as the rights of creditors and investors can vary significantly.

The presentation will cover a range of topics typically arising in these types of cases including: 

•    The obligations and duties of the different types of fiduciaries
•    Reaching assets and defendants nationwide
•    Large classes of fraudulent transfer defendants
•    Substantive consolidation
•    Stays
•    Statutes of limitation

If interested in attending, please click here to register.  

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