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Matthew K. Blackburn Speaks About a Prominent Case Argued Before the U.S. Supreme Court During a Weekly Appellate Report Podcast With the Daily Journal

March 31, 2017

By: Matthew K. Blackburn

Daily Journal

Please click here, to hear Diamond McCarthy partner, Matthew K. Blackburn, discuss a prominent patent case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.  To listen to Matt Blackburn's portion of the podcast, please forward to the 36-minute mark.  There, though the question presented is a technical one pertaining to how liberally venue rules should be construed, the answer to the question is massively important, judging from the 30+ amicus briefs that flooded the court in the past months. As patent suits are tending to funnel into just a handful of federal district courts around the country in recent years, questions of venue have become more critical, and more tenaciously litigated.  Mr. Blackburn will explain why SCOTUS should follow what has become Federal Circuit common practice, and construe patent venue rules more liberally than the petitioners here contend is proper.

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