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Diamond McCarthy Ranks In BTI Consulting Group's 2019 "Most Feared in Litigation" List

October 26, 2018

Diamond McCarthy was recently listed on BTI’s 2019 “Most Feared in Litigation Honor Roll” list. In mid-October, BTI revealed a compilation of the most feared law firms that general counsel find they would least prefer to argue against in the business of litigation.

Diamond McCarthy is recognized alongside a handful of distinguished law firms within the 2019 Honor Roll, which is showcased with BTI’s “Fearsome Foursome 2019” and “Awesome Opponent 2019” lists. The classifications recognize law firms for their fierce litigation approach, revealing unyielding and determined counsel who develop effective and unpredictable strategies to achieve desired outcomes for their clients, while intimidating those on the opposing side.

“Being Fearsome is one the biggest differentiators in the market today,” the Consulting Group writes, “The number of Fearsome Firms is shrinking; meaning the more Fearsome your firm, the more you stand out, to clients and the other side. It is the Fearsome firms who have nothing to fear.”

The Fearsome lists are referenced in BTI’s 2019 Litigation Outlook Report, recently released by the Consulting Group, that accounts on current growth and market changes based on studies that focus on client service rankings. Individual interviews with General Counsel, Chief Audit and Financial Officers, C-level executives and other leading legal decision-makers were conducted to achieve the Report that identifies trends in a constantly-changing litigation market and the top law firms considered to be the most feared in the market.

Diamond McCarthy is honored to share this distinction with some of the leading marquee litigation law firms across the country. For the complete list, please click here.

About Diamond McCarthy LLP

Providing exceptional service across the nation, Diamond McCarthy is a litigation boutique focused on handling complex, high-stakes business disputes for companies, individuals and families. With offices in Houston, Dallas, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the firm has garnered a reputation for excellence in the legal and business communities by working with – and often opposing – many of the country’s most formidable law firms and by providing experienced counsel dedicated to meeting the particular needs of each client. 

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