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Breach of Contract

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Diamond McCarthy represents business clients throughout the country in a broad array of industries when conflicts arise in their business operations. For its clients, the Firm aggressively prosecutes and defends a wide variety of breach of contract claims, including claims related to national franchise relationships. The Firm keenly focuses on developing a thorough understanding of each client's business from the outset. When contract claims do arise, this deep knowledge is critical as the Firm's lawyers align with key company representatives to promptly implement litigation strategies designed to achieve the client's specific business objectives.

The Firm's business contract/licensing disputes and franchise litigation practice handles breach of contract claims that include the following types of disputes:

  • Post-closing claims from the sale of companies or business assets
  • Claims under loan agreements, guarantees and other debt obligations
  • Disposition of real property, fixtures and related brokerage disputes
  • Violations of management and other contracts in the healthcare industry
  • Breach of obligations contained in national franchise agreements
  • Warranty claims related to computer hardware and software
  • Working interest owner claims and energy development disputes
  • Breach of architectural, engineering and high-level consulting contracts
  • Claims arising under partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Executive compensation and non-competition restrictions

Diamond McCarthy excels in handling contract disputes for its clients by mastering the facts of each claim to understand the essential business issues at stake. The Firm works closely with the client to put an action plan promptly in place, as well as to maintain a long-term strategic focus to resolve the claim in the most favorable manner for the client. This type of early case assessment, along with a budget analysis, is designed to produce the best possible result for the client in the most cost-effective manner.