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Financial Institution Litigation

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Diamond McCarthy attorneys prosecute on behalf of and defend clients involved in complex disputes across the full gamut of the financial sector. We are proud of our exceptional track record and the results we secure for our clients. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the business financial sector. Many hold MBAs, business or accounting degrees from the nation’s top universities. We have been lead trial counsel in national and global financial litigation involving matters ranging from credit default derivative swaps, CDOs, CMOs, asset-backed securities, bank holding company issues, lender liability and all issues involving distressed debt.

The complexities of today’s global commercial activities, coupled with the uncertainty of economies around the world, are driving an increase in commercial disputes and high-stakes litigation for those in the financial sector. These realities underscore the value of Diamond McCarthy’s counsel. This is especially true when the trail goes in and out of the country, involves complex Ponzi schemes, or is linked to wrongdoing by officers or directors.

We represent hedge funds, private equity, global banks, regional and community banks, mutual funds, real estate trusts, trustees of failed banks, liquidators, creditors’ committees and other financial institutions around the world.

Diamond McCarthy attorneys served as lead special litigation counsel to the post-confirmation liquidation trust for Southeast Bancshares in what has been judicially hailed as the most successful Chapter 7 estate in terms of recoveries and payouts in U.S. history. We also have been special trial counsel in many other failed bank holding company and mortgage servicing company bankruptcies in which we achieved substantial recoveries for our clients from a diverse category of third-party defendants.