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International & Cross-Border

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Year after year, Diamond McCarthy’s international and cross-border litigation practice is gaining recognition for its skilled representation of clients around the world. Several of our trial lawyers and attorneys have lived and worked abroad, furthering our understanding of the cultures, politics, legal systems and economic factors that are important to any case with international ramifications.

We are diligent in uncovering the facts that support bringing a case that originates on foreign soil to the U.S. for prosecution. Such ties may include an American connection to corporate operations, manufacturing or ownership, or the nationality of victims and others involved in a breach or an incident. We also manage parallel litigation in multiple jurisdictions, combining our experience in complex trial work, our efficient approach to litigation, and our network of relationships with law firms abroad to offer clients the best legal resources for the jurisdiction. In this regard, we have extensive knowledge and experience involving United States and international litigation procedures including, inter alia, forum non conveniens, rules of jurisdiction, extra-territorial statutory paradigms, UNICITRAL, Mareva proceedings, and The Hague and other international treaties.

Our high-stakes international litigation work also involves representation of foreign governments. We currently represent the Philippine province of Marinduque in a bitterly contested environmental pollution case against the Canadian mining company, Barrick Gold, in which Diamond McCarthy has secured a favorable ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court, and is now litigating forum non-conveniens issues before the Nevada state courts. The suit alleges that the island province has suffered health, environmental and economic devastation as a direct result of 30 years of irresponsible mining operations.

  • Richard I. Janvey guest speaker, Cross-Border Litigation Tactics and Strategies, 36th Annual Association of Business Trial Lawyers Seminar, Colorado Springs, CO (October 1-4, 2009)