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Diamond McCarthy’s litigation team is known for handling complex antitrust issues and trade regulations. Whether civil or criminal in nature, an element of a bankruptcy proceeding, or a class action, our trial lawyers are experienced in prosecuting and defending cases in courts across the country.

Our clients represent a variety of industries. They include manufacturers, oil and gas companies, consumer electronics companies, financial institutions, trusts, shareholders groups, life insurance companies and others. We have taken on claims related to price fixing, royalty payments, unfair competition and violations of the Sherman and Clayton Acts.

In many of our representations, antitrust issues are often just one element of our clients’ cases. We currently are lead trial counsel for the post-confirmation Liquidating Trust arising out of the business insolvency of Syntax/Brillian Corporation, a publicly traded manufacturer and seller of flat panel high definition televisions. As part of this client representation, we are prosecuting price fixing antitrust claims related to the global flat panel antitrust multi-district litigation proceedings pending in the Northern District of California. In conjunction with the case, we also have investigated and pursued cross-border international claims against a multitude of financial institutions, corporations and professional firms in the federal courts of Los Angeles, Delaware and Arizona, and outside the U.S. in the Taiwanese and Chinese judicial systems.